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The Children

Nineteen precious children lost their lives on that day.

God bless them.

We love them.

We miss them.

They are angels.

Our Precious Angels

Baylee Almon, 1

Danielle Nicole Bell, 1

Peachlyn Bradley, 3

Gabreon Bruce, 4 months

Zackary Taylor Chavez, 3

Antonio Ansara Cooper Jr., 6 months

Christopher Cooper, 2

Aaron M Coverdale, 5
Elijah Coverdale, 2

Jaci Rae Coyne, 1

Tylor Eaves, 8 months

Ashley Megan Eckles, 4

Tevin D'Aundrae Garrett, 1

Kevin Lee Gottshall II, 6 months

Kayla Marie Haddock, 3

Blake Ryan Kennedy, 1

Dominique London R., 2

Chase Dalton Smith, 3
Colton Smith, 2

Let us pray…

Lord Jesus Christ, we know that these precious 19 children are among the greatest angels in Heaven.

We pray for their families, Lord.

Help them continue their healing process.

Comfort them.

Guide them.

And fill their minds with beautiful memories of their precious children.

Lord Jesus Christ, we will never forget these precious angels or their families.

We love them all.





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Oklahoma City Bombing.com is a NON-PROFIT Suicide.org website

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